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For Immediate Release - May 8th, 2017


Discovering Montréal’s Religious Heritage

A new guide reveals the beauty and diversity of an exceptional heritage

Siham JamaaReligious tourism is growing around the world, and Montréal is no exception. In 2016 alone, two million people explored Saint Joseph’s Oratory, and visits to Notre-Dame Basilica have grown 25% since 2015. As the “city of a hundred bell towers” celebrates its 375th birthday in grand style, Ulysses Travel Guides, in collaboration with the Conseil du patrimoine religieux du Québec and Tourisme Montréal, is proud to present an all-new English and French guidebook inviting visitors to discover Montréal through one of its greatest treasures: its religious heritage!

Whether they are inspired by faith or pursuing an interest in architecture, art, or history, Discovering Montréal’s Religious Heritage will lead Quebecers and visitors alike on a grand tour of fascinating holy places and their treasure troves of splendid and sometimes little-known works of art. Readers will discover cathedrals, basilicas, churches, shrines, and temples of many faiths, as well as successful examples of religious buildings that have been preserved and recycled for other uses.

Tracing Montréal’s missionary roots and cultural heritage

In full colour and bursting with magnificent photos that reveal the beauty and richness of Montréal’s sacred buildings and religious heritage, Discovering Montréal’s Religious Heritage offers 11 itineraries through the untold historical and architectural richness of the city’s multi-faith heritage.

Though not an exhaustive reference, the guidebook is an in-depth journey of discovery and rediscovery, exploring Montréal’s religious heritage through its many different historical periods, architectural styles, interfaith dialogues, and unique communities and neighbourhoods. As you follow the successive periods in which these religious buildings were constructed, you’ll bear witness to the development of Montréal and its neighbourhoods, to the succeeding waves of immigration that have enriched the city, and to the birth and growth of its local communities.

On the 11 guided tours, you’ll marvel at precious historical sites such as the Maison Saint-Gabriel Museum and Historic Site; monumental places of worship such as Saint Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal; testaments to Montréal’s cultural diversity such as the Temple Solomon Synagogue or the Thiru Murugan Hindu temple; breathtaking works of art such as Guido Nincheri’s stained glass windows in the Église Très-Saint-Rédempteur; successful examples of historical preservation, such as the integration of the vestiges of the former Église Saint-Jacques into UQAM’s Pavillon Judith-Jasmin; and peaceful, inspiring places for reflection such as the Sanctuaire du Sacré-Coeur et de Saint Padre Pio and the lush woodland that surrounds it.

A guide for all lovers of history, art and religious heritage
This guide is for everyone, believers or not. After all, anyone who has visited any great city in Europe, Asia, or South America surely took the time to explore at least one church, temple, or shrine. Discovering Montréal’s Religious Heritage will delight not only travellers from abroad, but also Québecers who are fascinated by heritage, architecture, art, and history. Naturally, it will also inspire those travelling for reasons of faith and those searching for personal growth and self-exploration.

A French version of this guide is also available: Montréal — Un patrimoine religieux à découvrir

Siham Jamaa

About the author, Siham Jamaa
When she was quite young, Siham Jamaa discovered a keen interest in the history of religions and in spirituality. After studying for her MBA in International Tourism at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), she found herself drawn to researching the phenomenon of pilgrimage and today’s resurgence of spiritual and religious journeys. She is proud to help visitors understand holy places and their transformative impact. She is also the author of the Guide to Spiritual and Religious Journeys in Québec, published by Ulysses Travel Guides in 2016.


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Discovering Montréal's Religious Heritage

Chemins spirituels et religieux du Québec

Paper edition : 256 pages, 10 maps, $29.95

Digital Edition (PDF and ePub) : $21.99

French version also available: Montréal - un patrimoine religieux à découvrir

Available this spring in all fine bookstores and digital bookstores.
Also available in Ulysses’ two travel bookstores in Montréal (4176 Rue Saint-Denis and 560 Avenue du Président-Kennedy), and 24 hours a day from anywhere on www.ulyssesguides.com and www.guidesulysse.com.

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