The Explorer Resident’s Guides are like no other guidebooks – while they are packed with information on the sights and sounds, shops and scenes of each destination, they also feature comprehensive information on the ins and outs of being a resident. Written by expert residents, not only do these books give you the official line on processing your paperwork, but they also give you the real story and insider tips on day-to-day life in the country or city, making them indispensable to any resident.

Pour qui ?

Business travellers who frequently visit the same city or country. People who need to plan a longer stay in a city for their work or studies. Travellers who want to stay several weeks in a particular city or country.

Pour quoi ?

These books contain an incredible quantity of information and insider tips. Written by residents of each city or country covered, they offer more than regular travel guides and are comprehensive sources of information for long stays.