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Authentic Québec - Lanaudière and Mauricie

Authentic Québec - Lanaudière and Mauricie

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Livre en anglais
Auteur(s) : Ulysses Collective
Collection : Ulysses Lifestyle
Éditeur: Ulysses Travel Guides
Format : Papier (livre entier)
Thématique(s) : Beaux livres Art de vivre
Parution : 20 mars 2013
128 pages, 6 cartes; ISBN : 9782894645802


C4: Authentic Québec - Lanaudière and Mauricie

Nestled in the centre of the first region of New France to be colonized, and easily accessible from Montréal and Québec City, the magnificent regions of Lanaudière and Mauricie will show you what lies at the heart of Québec’s distinct character.

With this book as your guide, lose yourself in the majestic landscapes of authentic Québec, with its Native roots and proudly preserved French traditions; escape to the serenity offered by close contact with nature; meet the welcoming people of these regions, and be carried away by a unique culture that is never less than inspiring.


Towns, villages, historic sites, the land and its heritage.


Wilderness resorts, charming inns, cozy getaways and other unique accommodations.


Wildlife viewing, hiking and horseback riding, exploring the region’s immense national parks, fishing, dogsledding, hunting.


Charming restaurants and specialty shops to experience the region’s authentic culture and cuisine.

Experience and celebrate…

Festivals and other events tailored for each season: a village on ice, sugar shacks, ice fishing, fall colours, picking your own fruit.


The Ulysses Authentic Québec guide provides a visual and informative overview of the stunning landscapes, fascinating attractions and fun activities that are offered in the extraordinary Québec regions of Lanaudière and Mauricie, both of which are located near the province’s two major hubs of Montréal and Québec City.

Explore the Saint Lawrence River and its valley, set off into untamed regions strewn with lakes, rivers and forests, enjoy a large variety of outdoor activities and exceptional hunting and fishing opportunities, discover the rich history, architectural heritage and popular traditions of the first colonized areas of New France, and fall in love with the warm and welcoming people who inhabit these two regions.

Both a beautifully illustrated book and a practical guide, Authentic Québec is divided into six sections that provide all the information you need to plan your outings in the Lanaudière and Mauricie regions. The “Discover” section covers the regions’ tourist attractions and agritourism sites, while the “Escape” section gives you the lowdown on the regions’ many outfitters, campsites, lodges, inns and spas. The “Move” section offers a variety of outdoor activities, from wildlife watching to tree-top adventure courses, canoe camping and hiking in the regions’ sprawling provincial and national parks. The guide’s “Indulge” section points you towards the best gourmet restaurants and charming cafés and bistros, for an authentic taste of the Mauricie and Lanaudière regions’ gastronomy. Finally, the “Experience” and “Celebrate” sections highlight the many traditional activities and events that can be enjoyed from season to season - snowmobiling, dog sledding, ice fishing, beaches, cycling, hunting and fishing, sugaring season in spring, picking your own fruit in summer and fall…


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